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Sammy Gold

Sammy Gold first started out as a D.J. or toaster as it was known in those days. In 1978 at the age of 14 years old he found that he was getting inspiration from artists such as Clint Eastwood, Big Youth, Trinity and I. Roy to mention a few, so Sammy decided to try his hand or should I say his voice as a D.J. He never achieved much success at that time, so it was in 1986 he decided to change his direction to singing.

It was singers such as Hugh Mundell, Junior Reid and Dennis Brown that Sammy would focus on.  In 1988 he linked up with Dread Lester and the Q sound crew, they released Sammy Gold's first single called 'Call Me Anytime'. Two years later the second release was; ' Girl I Like Your Style ' His third release came in 1996 on the Motivate Movement label a track called; ' She's Gone'   to date, this track has had the most success.

Sammy Gold has now linked up with Mackadub to voice this set of  serious roots and reality tunes for Greenbeat Music. It has been suggested that this album will do very well on the roots circuit. On this album Sammy shows his experience and versatility as a singer and as a DJ at a very high level. The track Poverty which is also on the album 'New Age Roots' The Movement, will give you a sample of his singing side and then tracks like Burn Down will give you the other side of  Sammy Gold. Sammy Gold  has also voiced many 'dub - plate' specials for sounds systems like King Earthquake, Jah Voice and Iration Steppers.


Taylor Bolton

Taylor Bolton first realised her singing ambition at the tender age of five years old. It was in 1984 that she did her first studio recording, by then she had gained valuable experience by singing over a sound system called steppers.

In 1986 she joined her first band, which was an all female band, it was with this band that she did her first performances at local venues. In 1994 Taylor Bolton decided to pursue a career as a solo artist doing shows up and down the country.

Taylor Bolton linked up with music producer Mackadub in 2002 and voiced the gospel reggae album ‘Precious Memories’. On this album you can hear her talent and experience as she has managed to do all of the vocals (lead and backing) herself. The two tracks that have been contributed to the album ‘NEW AGE ROOTS’ have been taken off the ‘Precious Memories’ album, this serves to make a statement of what New Age Roots is all about.


Teacher has been singing for nearly 30 years, during that time he has sung for many different bands most noticeable Capital Letters. The band Capital Letters was most remembered by their hit single ‘Smoking My Ganga’, this track was a top ten hit in England and Europe and was one of greensleaves records first U.K. reggae signings in the late 70’s.The single was followed up by the album ‘Headline News’ which brought about many tours in Europe and the U.K.

After spending a couple of years in Ethiopia, Teacher decided to spend nearly four years in the middle east (Palestine and Israel). Living in these countries have given Teacher a greater insight as to how the residents live and have had to cope with various issues that occur in their day to day life, issues that we only see on the news or read about. His song writing demonstrates these experiences at first hand.

Teacher is currently working on a solo album for Greenbeat Music. Two of the tracks have been contributed to the Greenbeat Music various artist album ‘ NEW AGE ROOTS’ – THE MOVEMENT. The lyrical content of these tracks highlight many issues and serve for us to question ourselves about what is going on in the world today.


Umojah II

Umojah II hails from St Ann in Jamaica and is a strong believer in love and unity. He is a founder member of a youth organisation in Jamaica. Umojah II involvement in music goes far back to when he was lead singer in his church’s youth choir, a member of the Pathfinders Ensemble Drama Group and then as a DJ for his sound system Umojah from which the name Umojah II originates. He later created Survival Sounds International.

Umojah II has written some twenty songs to date. The lyrical content in most of Umojah II songs appeals to the public to maintain a positive outlook on life and to help in the building of a positive and just society. Umoja has contributed two tracks to the album; ‘ NEW AGE ROOTS’ The Movement.

The word Umojah means unity in Swahili. The name Umojah was first used by his brother Odel who is also active on the music scene.